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What makes Fijians happy: and how you can be part of it when you visit Fiji

It might not be the richest or most powerful country in the world, but Fiji is a place where happiness is in abundance and there is more than enough to share. We asked our Tropica Island Resort team to tell us how happiness comes naturally here. Read on to find out how you can join in when you visit Fiji.

visit fiji
1. Say Bula!

You will hear the word ‘bula’ ringing in your ears and see it across smiling faces when you visit Fiji. Bula is a local greeting and is the perfect way to connect to our Fijian way of life. Tokasa from our Reservations team says, ‘You can say bula anytime, it means everything!’. At first, it might feel a little awkward, but don’t be shy! 

2. Eat together

We love to eat, we especially love to eat together. Doors in villages are always open and you may hear people saying ‘mai, kana’ to passers-by which means ‘come, eat’. When you visit Fiji, our team suggests you take time to eat together: connect, slow down and share a meal with new or old friends.

3. Celebrate

Whether it’s Fiji Day, the Hindu festival Diwali, a birthday or any given Friday in Fiji, we love an excuse to celebrate with family and friends. Fiji is a place where happiness comes naturally and we invite you to celebrate with us. Our team will sing, dance, and clap; let yourself feel the joy of life and join in!

4. Fiji Time

Fiji time is a thing. In Fiji happiness comes naturally because we stress less. Encountering this vibe can be completely different to other bustling ways of life. When you visit Fiji, you can chill out, order a cocktail and most importantly, don’t rush! Sleep in, walk slower and take your (Fiji) time to rejuvenate.

5. Play

We’re a fairly laidback bunch but when we play, we play with our whole hearts. Whether it’s rugby, volleyball, netball or an egg and spoon race, we’re playing to win! When you visit Tropica Island Resort, our team suggests you join in our game time – we’ll show you that play is the recipe for a good life!

visit fiji
6. Be cheeky

All jokes aside, our team at Tropica Island Resort love to laugh. One of the most common things you’ll hear when you visit Fiji is giggling. And of course, the best way to be part of the joke is to join in. Make a funny dance move, say a cheeky comment or lighten the mood with a smile and you’ll have us laughing in no time.

Embrace the happiness, book your stay at Tropica Island Resort

Happiness is ingrained in Fijian culture and there is nothing we locals love more than sharing happiness with visitors. But don’t just take our word for it – Book your stay at Tropica Island Resort today and immerse yourself in everything that Fiji has to offer!

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