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7 Reasons to Elope to Fiji

Dreaming of a romantic way to tie the knot? Elope to Fiji! This could be the perfect solution for couples looking for an intimate, stress-free and utterly beautiful wedding experience. Kiss goodbye to the long lists of stressful requirements that come with traditional weddings and opt instead for a wedding at Tropica Island Resort. Here are 7 reasons you consider eloping to Fiji.

Spend Quality Time Together

You know how couples often say, ‘we barely saw each other on our wedding day’?  Well, not you two! Elope to Fiji and spend the day together on your wedding day. After you’ve said your vows, book a private pier dinner and spend the evening celebrating the beginning of your new chapter together in paradise.  

Ditch the Shoes

Forget matching socks and blistered feet. Instead, go barefoot to meet your beloved underneath a bespoke decorated arch and feel the sand between your toes. When you elope to Fiji, you’ll feel steady and relaxed as you exchange your forever vows.


The most obvious reason to elope to Fiji is to skip the fanfare and spend your pennies on experiences you can remember together forever. In 2021 the average American wedding cost $28 000(USD) while in Australia couples parted with an average of $36,000(AUD). Yikes! Imagine how many trips to Fiji you can fit into that budget. Ditch the huge venue hire costs, matching bridesmaid dresses and mass catering for an intimate wedding under palm trees looking out over the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific.

Avoid an Awkward Invitation Conversation

Dodge the dreaded afternoon when you both try to remember all your friends, family and twice-removed cousins who might be vying for an invite to your big day. When you elope to Fiji the invite list will be super short, like just the two of you. Plus, bonus – you won’t have to spend months chasing RSVPs or logging them into an excel document (cringe).

A Walk to Remember

When you get married in Fiji at Tropica Island Resort our team will dress to impress, we will blow the conch to herald your arrival and serenade you both with angelic voices. Our Fijian warriors will flank you on your walk towards your forever.

Bypass Bridezilla

Side-step the bridezilla tag often associated with brides-to-be. We will organise the laid-back luxe wedding of your dreams at Tropica Island Resort, we will put you in touch with some of the best photographers and hair and makeup providers to make your day memorable and special without all the stress.

Skip Ahead to the Honeymoon

When you elope to Fiji to say ‘I do’ your honeymoon can start immediately. Start your celebrations in paradise the night after your vows with a private dinner. The next day, begin your life as a married couple with adventure: dive, snorkel, surf or book a picnic on a sandbar and set the bar high for a fun-filled life together.

Elope to Fiji at Tropica Island Resort

So don’t wait any longer, if planning a destination wedding in Fiji is what you’ve always wanted; then fulfil your dreams today and let us help turn them into reality! For more information about eloping to Fiji and the wonderful things Tropica Island Resort has to offer just take a look at our wedding brochure or visit our wedding page to find out more.

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