Fijian Experiences at Tropica Island Resort

How to spend your time in paradise? Rather than answer the question for you, the team at Tropica present a choice of once-in-a-lifetime experiences to help you absorb the very best of Fiji. Whether that’s settling into a sun lounger poolside or getting out and actively kayaking, fishing or diving the clear blue waters, it’s all up to you.


Choose to do as little as you like or keep yourself busy with a wide range of activities on offer. Snorkel right off the […]


Choose to do as little or as much as you like. From relaxing on a sun lounger poolside to enjoying the tranquility  […]


Tropica Island resort is a unique tropical oasis that embraces romance. With year round warm weather it makes a  […]

Bula Butlers

Every guest at Tropica receives our complimentary Bula Butler service. Dedicated personal Bula Butlers take  […]


If a romantic escape is what you are seeking, then look no further. This private getaway boasts exquisite sunsets, […]


The best of honeymoon destinations in Fiji, Tropica is a unique tropical oasis that embraces romance. With the  […]

Fiji Culture

Fiji culture is steeped in tradition and values, and is a place of family and religion. It is difficult to grasp a sense of […]