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Meaningful Travel – Pack for a Purpose: 7 things to donate when you travel to Fiji 

Ready to pack your bags for a beautiful island getaway to Fiji? Make your trip even more memorable by embracing meaningful travel and including some items in your luggage ready to donate overseas. Along with opportunities to snorkel coral reefs, stroll beneath swaying palms and dine on incredible seafood, travellers to Fiji can also give back to the island communities they visit. When packing for a purpose, though, it is important that your overseas donations are appropriate for the Fijian climate, culture, and requirements. So, what to pack? 

1. General school supplies 

Help local children succeed with donations of general school supplies. Items such as pencils, coloured pencils, erasers, pencil cases, rulers, solar calculators, coloured construction paper and wide-ruled paper are all helpful and welcome in classroom settings. These items are small enough to pop into your suitcase but can make a big impact in Fijian schools. 

2. Books and reference materials for kids 

If you’ve still got some space, Fijian children will also benefit from donations of age-appropriate story books, as well as textbooks (in English) covering topics such as Biology, General Science, Health, Maths and Language/Grammar. And if you don’t have heaps of space, why not just pop in some CD-ROM learning materials? Dictionaries and age-appropriate encyclopedias are great ‘virtual’ options. 

3. Sports equipment 

A rugby ball may take up a little more room, but the smiles it will bring will more than makeup for not having that second pair of sandals! Other fun sporting donations include netballs, soccer balls or basketballs, while smaller items such as frisbees or jump ropes are also great ideas. 

4. Medical supplies 

Nursing stations in Fiji can put simple health supplies to great use in Fijian communities. From sterile gauze and bandages to antibiotic or hydrocortisone creams – a quick trip to your local pharmacy can provide a wealth of useful items to donate overseas. First-aid kits are another fantastic ready-to-donate option. 

5. New (or very gently used) bras 

Many women in Fiji, particularly those in rural areas, do not have access to affordable, high-quality bras. This essential item, which can improve women’s comfort, confidence and well-being, is light enough to pack – even in your carry-on. Bras in breathable materials (it does get warm in Fiji!) are best, and local charities are often on the hunt for larger sizes or youth bras. 

6. Dental hygiene products 

Toothbrushes (particularly soft ones for babies and children), toothpaste and dental floss are further small items that can make a big difference in Fiji. And remember, poor dental health can be due to poor dietary intake, so don’t pack lollies or candies as items to donate. 

7. Linens  

You might need a bit more space in your suitcase for bath towels, bed linens or light blankets – but don’t forget that you really don’t need much yourself in the tropical environs of Fiji! Remember: a meaningful travel donation is going to be far more memorable than a change of outfit! 

Embrace meaningful travel to Fiji 

Setting aside a little room in your suitcase for targeted donations allows travellers just like you to make an incredible difference in the community they are visiting. A small space filled with the right items can make a big impact! 

Book your stay today, then start planning what you don’t need to take with you to make room for all those pencils and bras and face washers (and rugby balls!). 

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