Food in Fiji

A Fiji Food Guide: must-try Fijian flavours

The fabulous thing about food in Fiji is that it is an expression of culture and place. Recipes have been passed down through the generations. These recipes celebrate the staples readily available on the archipelago, from seafood and sweet potatoes to taro, cassava, and coconuts.  

Why is food in Fiji so special? 

Reflecting Fiji’s unique population blend of Melanesians, Indo-Fijians, indigenous Rotumans and others, the cuisine of Fiji is similarly diverse. Cultural influences from India mean that rice, roti bread and spicy curries are often on the menu, combined with coconut milk for a distinct Fijian-Indo fusion. For those who prefer a little less spice, traditional dishes that let the flavours of just a few fresh ingredients sing are also readily available. 

Fresh is best for food in Fiji.

Low food miles? Tick! Seasonal fruits and vegetables – both well-known and more unusual? Tick! Agriculture mostly free from commercial farming methods? Tick! Nutrient-rich ingredients for health and energy? Absolutely! Indeed, Fijian food is considered one of the healthiest in the Pacific.  

What’s on the table in Fiji? 

There is always something ripe and delicious ready to be devoured in Fiji. #EatLocal here is not a buzz phrase; it’s just everyday life! Familiar fresh-fruit favourites include banana, guava, pineapple, papaya, coconut, and passionfruit, while soursop is a must-try for those new to the fruit. Village markets display a riot of colourful vegetables as well, with plenty of leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, okra, and eggplant all on offer. For something very special, the unique Fijian vegetable duruka is the unopened flower of a cane shoot, available in red and green varieties – and delicious either way! 

Fresh Fijian seafood 

With 332 islands sharing a coastline of 1129km, it’s no wonder Fiji is famous for its sandy beaches, surfing, snorkelling – and seafood! And, yes, there are fish, lobster, crab, prawns, and mussels, but there are also vegetarian delights. At Tropica, guests can hand-harvest delicious Fijian seafood nama (or sea grapes) right out front of the resort. Packed with vitamins and minerals, these delicious bursts of fresh-sea flavour more than live up to their ‘Green caviar’ nickname. 

Fijian culture on the plate 

If there is one dish that best represents the identities and flavours of the islands, it is kokoda. With a refreshing mix of raw fish, citrus, and spice, kokoda is elevated with the dreamy addition of coconut milk. Every chef and restaurant has their own version of this traditional Fijian food. Families have refined their perfect recipe over generations. 

Of course, if you’re after Fijian culinary tradition on a grander scale, indulging in a traditional lovo dinner is a must.  

Book your Fijian foodie adventure today. 

Fiji is a food-lovers paradise, so get ready to experiment and explore. At Tropica Island Resort, we love to show off the many delights of our tropical paradise – fresh food included. 

If you’re ready to delight your tastebuds while you relax amid the tropical surrounds of beautiful Malolo Island, book your stay at Tropica today.  

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