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Five cultural activities to experience in Fiji 

When you think of Fiji, the first things that may come to mind are warm seas, golden sands, and swaying palms. For those in the know, however, Fiji means one thing: incredible hospitality. Fiji’s famously friendly people and fascinating culture elevate the archipelago above other sun-and-sand holiday havens, so make sure you dive in and experience the best of Fijian culture with bespoke Fijian activities.

1. Visit a Fijian village

One of the best ways to gain insights into local Fijian culture (and bask in the warmth of Fijian smiles!) is to go on a village tour. Tropica Island Resort offers guided tours of nearby Solevu village, where you can meet local people, learn about Fijian customs and traditions, and get a feel for island life. For something even more special, we can also arrange a visit to the weekly church service. At these services, you can experience the heavenly harmonies of the Solevu church choir.

2. Indulge in a traditional lovo dinner

Coming together with family and friends over a delicious meal is a quintessentially Fijian pastime. And one of the best meals to enjoy? Lovo, of course! Often reserved for special occasions, a communal lovo involves cooking meat, seafood, and vegetables. These are expertly wrapped in foil and banana leaves – in an underground oven. Lovo has been used as a method of cooking in Fiji for centuries, and experiencing the feast is a (delicious!) taste of Fijian culture.

3. Watch an extraordinary meke performance

Storytelling through song and dance is an age-old tradition in Fiji. Watching a meke (traditional song and dance performance) will give you a mesmerising glimpse of the legends, love stories, spirits, and history of Fiji. Performed by both men and women, often with clubs, spears, or fans to emphasize their movements, a meke is a not-to-be-missed Fijian cultural activity.

4. Take part in a kava ceremony

For the uninitiated, kava is an earthy drink made from the dried and pounded root of the Piper methysticum shrub. The drink itself may be an acquired taste (and does have a slight sedative effect!), but is truly as Fijian as white-sand beaches and big smiles. As you sit in a circle for the ceremony, the kava will be offered to you in a bowl. This traditional bowl is called a ‘bilo,’ made from a half coconut shell. Ceremony etiquette is to clap once before accepting the bowl, drink up (ideally in one gulp), clap again and say ‘Bula,’ then clap three times as you hand the bowl back.

5. Pamper yourself with a Fijian bobo massage

For relaxation that is more than skin-deep, a traditional bobo massage is the way to go. With local oils and flowing movements, your massage therapist will loosen knotted muscles, stimulate circulation, and leave you feeling feather-light and fabulous. Healing for body and soul, this is rejuvenation, island-style.

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Fiji is a place where happiness comes naturally. Tapping into that generous spirit through traditional Fijian cultural activities is a must for any visitor. The cultural options outlined are just the start of your Fijian experience at Tropica Island Resort. You can also try your hand at basket weaving, coconut husking, sulu (sarong) tying and more.

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