The Fijian culture is one that is rich in history and traditions and till today, it still occupies a huge part of their lives. Experience the beauty of the Fijian culture as they welcome you into their village and homes.

Village tours are arranged upon booking and the resort team will journey with you to the Chiefly village of Solevu, Malolo, who are the traditional landowners of where Tropica is seated. Upon arrival you will be traditionally presented to the village elders and welcomed as part of their family. Guests will be able to experience the deep respect that the Fijian people still hold for their land, history and traditions and at the same time have a feel of communal living – the “real Fiji”.

These village tours take up to two hours and our resort team will be available throughout the journey to answer any questions you might have. Guests can also book a trip to the chiefly village grounds if they would like to part of the weekly church service and soak up the angelic harmonies of the Solevu church choir.

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