Over time Fiji has adopted a range of exotic culinary influences from around the globe resulting in a Fijian cuisine quite unique to this tiny Pacific nation. Fresh ingredients, a variety of curries and traditional methods of smoking meats underground have culminated in a cuisine definitely worthy of discovery. Fijian food is a wonderful treat for travellers and captures the essence of the nation’s colourful culture and traditions.

Fijian Cuisine & Experiences at Tropica

Experience the variety and attention to detail that goes into each dish at Tropica Island Resort.  Tropica’s team of dedicated culinary professionals have created a menu best described as Fijian fusion in style. It is a unique blend of traditional Fijian flavour and ingredients and using local produce wherever possible culminating in a culinary delight.

Experience a romantic candle light dinner in paradise under the night sky whilst listening to the gentle ocean waves lapping on the shore. Located in a sheltered bay and surrounded by untouched natural beauty, this make Tropica the perfect setting for romantic and private moments.

Private Dining

Private dining experiences are available and are a popular choice for a wedding proposals, birthdays or anniversary dinners. The resort can arrange a private setup for guests who are celebrating a special moment, or for those who are just wanting to enjoy some private time away. Guests have the option of a romantic dining setting on the famed Tropica jetty, poolside or on the beach under the magnificent Fijian night sky. All of them sure to not disappoint.

The private dining at Tropica is a four course experience that includes a bottle of sparkling wine, your own waiter and a private serenader to set the tone for your romantic evening. Serves are generous and with a variety of choices boasting a combination of International and Fijian flavours, you won’t be disappointed. All meals are carefully paired with the finest of wines ensuring a memorable dining experience.