Fiji culture is steeped in tradition and values, and is a place of family and religion. It is difficult to grasp a sense of the culture with only one visit. A place where tradition and traditional ways of life are still adhered to. A mesmerising place where the local Fijians will look in your car window and at first glance you can see the warrior within, then they break out in a huge beautiful smile and yell an infectious “BULA” and the world is good again. With their big friendly smiles, the Fijians are renowned as some of the friendliest people in the world. Your respect for their Fijian traditions and customs will not only make you a welcome guest in their villages and homes, but add another exciting dimension to your holiday.

Some basic rules of etiquette to observe when leaving the resort include:

  • Always carry a sulu (sarong) to cover bathing suits or shorts and halter tops
  • If you are invited to a village, make sure you wear modest clothing
  • Take off your hat when in the village, wearing one is an insult to the chief
  • When entering someone’s home leave your shoes outside
  • Do not wear hats or touch anyone’s head, it’s interpreted as a sign of disrespect

When visiting a Fijian village, it is customary to present a gift of yaqona (also known as kava) to the Turaga ni Koro (the village chief). The presentation is usually in his house and will generally be attended by some of the village elders who happen to be in the vicinity at the time and can quickly turn into a social occasion. Pounded into powder, the yaqona will be mixed with water and served.

A couple of other traditions worth experiencing include a Lovo feast – a traditional way of cooking in the ground, and a Meke performance. The Meke embraces traditional Fijian song and dance and tells legendary stories. Stay at Tropica and immerse yourself in Fijian culture. Take a look at our rooms.


One of the great things about this Pacific paradise is that everyone speaks English as well as Fijian or Hindi – although there are a few idiosyncrasies.

Any word with a ‘d’ has an unwritten ‘n’ in front of it – Nadi is pronounced ‘Nandi’ and the delightful cold, marinated seafood dish Kokoda, is ‘kokonda’. And a ‘c’ is pronounced ‘th’, as in the Mamanuca Islands.

Some handy words and phrases are:








Hello/hi ni sa bula nee sar bula
Good morning ni sa yadra nee sar yarndra
Goodbye sa moce sa more there
Please yalo vinaka yarlo veenarka
Excuse me tulou too low
Yes io ee or
Thank you/good vinaka veenarka
Thank you very much vinaka vaka levu veenarka varka levoo
No sega senga
Eat kana karna
Village koro ko ro
House vale va le
One dua du a
Two rua ru a
One more dua tale du a ta le
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