At Tropica Island Resort, you will hear repeated phrases like My family, The family, My family and I. It is because we think in Fijian and the literal translation for what we have is family. If your Fijian is good you will hear words like Aunty, Uncle, Dad, Mum and even Grandfather.

We spend a lot of days together on the island and being who we are, we cannot help but get attached to one another. We are very proud of our village that we call home and the support structure that a close knit team provides.

We learn and grow together –

We recruit purely on the basis of our Core Values first and foremost and are committed to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn and hone new skills. To that end we have Attachees, Apprentices and Interns as part of our family with a dedicated Training Manager to monitor progress and provide them with the support that they need to be the best that they can be. This opportunity also extends to existing staff with continuous on-the-job training as well as in the classroom courses such as our Supervisors Accreditation Course. We also put our Tradesmen through the Fiji National University to obtain Trades Certification.

We are unwavering in our commitment to ensuring that our people learn and grow with us.

Life on the Island –

It is important that we have fun at work and enjoy what we do. This is when we excel. At Tropica the structure within the staff village is very similar to that of a traditional Fijian village but a little more liberal. We have a “Turaga-ni-koro” or village headman just like any other village but we also have a “Marama-ni-koro” or village headwoman. We have a church service every Sunday and our very own staff choir.

Please send all CV’s by email to [email protected] or post to Tropica Island Resort, P.O. Box 11660, Nadi Airport Fiji.